Sunday, February 11, 2018

Spiritual Exercise for the Week. . .

. . .of 11 February 2018
Sixth Sunday of the Year (B)

I pause each day for 15 minutes.
  • pause in the company of our triune God creating me each moment.

  • I speak to the Divine persons, or I say nothing.

He shall dwell apart, making his abode outside the camp.
(first reading)

Lord, took away the guilt of my sin!

Do everything for the glory of God!
(second reading)

Jesus...moved with pity...stretched out his hand
and touched him!
 I ask Jesus’ Spirit to enlighten my mind and my heart.
I allow Jesus to touch me. I respond to him in my words.

I give myself to my spiritual exercise:
I ask Jesus for the grace to feel his touch to respond generously.

  • I ask the one healed of leprosy to present me to Jesus.

  • I open my heart to him and chat with him:
  1. I praise him for becoming human for me;
  2. I thank him for inviting me to share his life and join his mission.

  • I ask Jesus for the grace to feel his touch to respond generously.

  • I close saying slowly the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer he gave me guides me to touch the lives of others with his life.

Aware of my feelings and emotions which surfaced as I conversed with Jesus:
  • After my prayer, I jot down my reactions; the way Jesus was toward me; what I have noticed; and I look forward to tomorrow.

+ + +
A Note on Jotting My Prayer Reactions
  1. I do not force myself to write.
  2. I do not force a certain style of writing. (Some people keep diaries; longer entries come easily or naturally. Others write a word or a phrase; a summary is all they need.)
  3. I keep at hand the kind of prayer-record (diary; loose-leaf binder; 3x5 spiral pad; computer; smartphone) which is most conducive for me.
  4. I date each entry.
  5. Periodically--after a week; after a month; after a liturgical season, for example--I review my jottings. They form a record of both my praying, and more importantly, the Trinity's graces given me.