Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spiritual Exercise of the Week. . .

. . .of 26 Mar 2017
Fourth Lenten Sunday (A)

I pause each day for 15 minutes.
  • I rest in our triune God.

  • I speak to the Divine persons, or I say nothing.

Humans see the appearance
but the Lord looks into the heart.
(first reading)

The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want!

Christ will give you light!
(second reading)

I am the light of the world!
 I ask Jesus Spirit to enlighten my mind and my heart. In what way has Jesus healed me? How does Jesus desire to continue to heal me? In what way do I desire his healing? I chat with Jesus about these.

I give myself to my spiritual exercise:
I ask Jesus for grace to live my baptism for and with others with greater courage, feeling and generosity.

  • I ask the man blind from birth to present me to Jesus.

  • I open my heart to him and chat with him:
  1. I praise Jesus for dying and rising for me;
  2. thank him for baptizing me with his Spirit to be like him.

  • I ask Jesus for grace to live my baptism for and with others with greater courage, feeling and generosity.

  • I close saying slowly the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus gave it to me to grow more like him, alive with his healing Spirit.

Aware of my feelings and emotions which surfaced as I conversed with Jesus:
  • Finally, I jot down my reactions; the way Jesus was toward me; what I have noticed; and I look forward to tomorrow.

+ + +
A Note on Jotting My Prayer Reactions
  1. I do not force myself to write.
  2. I do not force a certain style of writing. (Some people keep diaries; longer entries come easily or naturally. Others write a word or a phrase; a summary is all they need.)
  3. I keep at hand the kind of prayer-record (diary; loose-leaf binder; 3x5 spiral pad; computer; smartphone) which is most conducive for me.
  4. I date each entry.
  5. Periodically--after a week; after a month; after a liturgical season, for example--I review my jottings. They form a record of both my praying, and more importantly, the Trinity's graces given me.